Social Concepts

Anomie Theory

Introduction: Anomie is a term coined by the French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, in his book Suicide (1897). According to Durkheim, one of the four types of suicides that he identifies is anomic suicide, which results from anomie. Anomie itself is defined as a breakdown of norms and values that happens in a society due to […]

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BLASPHEMY: A Short Introduction

BLASPHEMY The word blasphemy derives from the Greek words “blas” which means wrong and “phemi” which means to speak (Perret, 1987). Thus, it essentially means to utter something wrong, and in the Greek context it meant to utter great insults against the gods or against someone they had sent. This idea of incorrect speech against

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What is Alienation?

Alienation Alienation is a concept theorised and popularized by Karl Marx as a part of his critique of the capitalist system. It occurs when workers create a “product, result or Institution that then escapes the control of the individuals involved in the creation” (Kain, 1993, p. 122). Marx believed that alienation was so crucial and

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