5 Best Tips To Crack CSS in The Shortest Possible Time By Fatima Tariq (49th CTP)


Can I do CSS in 5 or 6 Months?

This is the most asked question by the CSS Aspirants nowadays. Before answering this question, I want you to ask yourself the following questions, if your answer is “YES”, 5 – 6 months are enough for your CSS Preparation.

1- Do I have command on basic English Writing?

No basic grammatical or spelling mistakes


2- Am I updated and aware of the national and international politics?

Your interest in News and Current Affairs.


3- Am I a committed and disciplined person?

When you set your mind for a goal, you become soooo passionate for it that you achieve it.


If you answered the above-mentioned questions in “YES” then, there is nothing that can stop you from qualifying CSS 2024.


If you answered “NO” then I still congratulate you that you at least have the courage to start and continue your preparation. You are a BRAVE person. You have to simply follow the following steps to crack your CSS 2022 preparation.


Surround Yourself with Positive People

Distance yourself from negative people and friends. (Especially those who create confusions and uncertainty in your mind about CSS) Surround yourself with positive people who keep motivating you during your CSS Journey. They can be your family members, close friends, or mentors.


Make a Focused “CSS Plan”

Make a comprehensive and focused “CSS Plan” and schedule your time till “February 2022 Exams” right now. Set your daily, weekly, and monthly deadlines and start tracking your progress for each deadline. ( Avoid making an ideal or unrealistic plan. It must be practical and achievable.


Maximum Writing Practice is a Must

Start doing Maximum Writing Practice for each Compulsory and Optional subject. At the start, you can get your daily and weekly assignments checked by your CSS Instructors or teachers. Besides this, make sure to give Test Series and Mock Exams in the last 2 or 3 months after completion of your preparation or during revision.


Optional Subjects Can Be the Game Changers

Choose your Optionals wisely and filter out important topics for each subject. Start notes making and preparation of these topics first. (Beware of all the myths to change your optionals especially after the announcement of CSS 2021 Written Exams Result in the coming day


Mental and Spiritual Strength is Important

Never forget to make Dua for your success and prayers of your parents. Recite Sura Fateh daily and other holy verses to gain spiritual strength. Your connection with Allah Almighty strengthens your belief system and paves the road to your success.


After reading this, you must have gained confidence for your CSS 2022 Exams.


“You must tell yourself,


No matter how hard it is, Or how hard it gets, I’M going to make it.”

(Les Brown)



You will become a CSS Officer one day. IN SHA ALLAH

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